McDermott Cues – The Begining of a Partnership

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The first cue I ever bought was a very basic black lacquered McDermott cue from the local pool hall.  I paid around $200 dollars for it back in 1999.  Ever since I have been a fan of McDermott Cues.  The wood on wood hit for me gives the cue a nice solid feel that allowed me to feel my shots not only in my bridge hand but also in my gripping hand as well.  So its only natural to think about buying a second McDermott cue.

I had the pleasure of owning a M33D Sunruse cue as my second McDermott cue.  This cue got me through quite a few league nights.  I at one point tried a different cue manufacturer but found myself missing the feel of the McDermott and found someone willing to buy that cue off me.  Browsing around the McDermott site I fell in love with another cue.

This brings me to my 3rd and current McDermott cue, the M72A Dubliner.  This is a magnificent cue that came with the new g-core shaft.  I think the g-core shaft is McDermotts answer to the Predator z-shaft.  The beautiful green malachite clover inlays makes it really stand out as a McDermott cue.  It also happens to be one of the most sought after cues in McDermotts line as even when I ordered it they had to have it drop shipped from McDermott and wait to have it made.  It was well worth the wait.  My next McDermott addition is probably going to be the i-3 shaft.

I am sure if you are in a league you will find someone who is as much a fan of McDermott as I am and will give you a slew of reasons why they enjoy them.  So if you are in the market for buying a cue consider McDermott, ask to shoot a few balls with their cue so you can see what it brings to the table each time you step up to table with it.


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