Local Team Championships Results – 6/18/2011

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Well we atleast made it to states.

Our 5 played a 4 from their team and probably should of won, he brought it down to hill hill. He ran out all his balls and left himself tough. The toughest for players is to realize to just make the hit sometimes. He tried to make a shot and the cue ball went right into the corner.

Next a 5 of ours plays 4 of theirs and pulled through a win.

Next a 3 of ours plays 5 and shot well to come through with a win. Although the first game he scratched on a good bank shot on the eight he still came through a win. He still shot well and came through for us with a win.

Next I play and they throw up a 6 to match me with a 6. He goes up on me 4 games to 1. I am able to come back 3 games and its now hill. He pulls through for the win. I gave it my best shot but was unable to come through for my team.

Next its lates so our 3 goes up against their 4. Their 4 runs all of his balls and misses the 8. After a few innings they finally get the 8 and win.

This lose brings me to want to talk about sportsmanship. The 1st match our teammate scratched on the 8 in the final game. The other team errupted like they just won the superbowl. It is unsportsmanlike to go off when technically we lost and you didn't win.


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