2nd Round Playoffs – 6/4/2011

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Since we won the 1st round of playoffs at our home location. We moved on to the 2nd round located at the Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, Ma. We played on table 3 which is the first table you see when you walk into the upstairs.

We ended up taking only one out of for matches so we did not have to play the 5th. I was set to play the last match but it just was not in the cards. I think if as a team we can work on being able to overcome the pressure we put on ourselves in these types of matches we can go a long ways to overcome some of the issues we had during the match. Overall I am happy with the team and would like to see the new players of the team be able to shoot with confidence as well as a little more understanding of game.

Greg w/ Spring 2011 2nd Place Trophey

So once again we were close to but didn't quite get a 1st place trophy. I know its easier said then done but even in playoffs or regular play we need to learn that its just a game. In league people think that its no big deal yet when they play in playoffs they add extra stress that does not need to be there. The more people play at the higher levels the easier it gets because they have done it before and are not as nervous as they where. We still made regionals so hopefully we can do well there.

In final words, take your time and have fun. It may be more pressure but that pressure is there only if you let it get to you.


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