The Never Mentality


In pool there are a couple of never’s that you should keep in mind. Never underestimate an opponent is the first one. No matter how low or how high the persons skill level you should never think you are going to win or loose. The second never is never give up. No matter how down you are in the game or how ahead you are in the game you should never give up shooting your best game of the day. (more…)

Benefit for Heather Luce and daughter


Come help raise some money for Heather Luce and daughter.  Due to surgical complications she will be out of work for some time while undergoing additional surgeries.  On Saturday January 25,2014 at 7:30pm at the VFW 8819 in Billerica, 12 Phinney St, North Billerica, MA there will be a benefit held.  Tickets are $10 and music will be provided by The Full Turn Band with plenty of Raffles and Munchies.  If you are interested in going please contact Sue Berry at 978-930-0864 about tickets and raffle donations.

Timeouts: Some highlights of the rules


Timeouts across the leagues, be it APA or TAP are roughly the same with only some minor differences. Given these rules are written in the rule books and attempt to spell out how every team should act not only in timeouts but also in general play. Sometimes it takes people a little time to understand them but usually people are willing to inform them to let them learn and let them go with a warning. When it is people who are representatives of the league that bend or break them I tend to loose respect for that representative and a little for that league. (more…)

Is it a Sportsmanship Violation?


When playing a pool match, how many times has your opponent started collecting the balls before the end of a game?  I look at this as an attempt to get into somebody’s head, an attempt to get under somebody’s skin or throw them off their game cause when you are shooting you get into a rhythm and then are unable to finish that game.  You then get up to start the new game while in your mind you never really finished the previous game.  I know I feel better when I am able to see something through to the end.  So I ask you is it a sportsmanship violation? (more…)

JT’s Custom Cue Repairs


With over 30 years of experience working on pool cues, Jack Turransky is one of the best for cue repairs around. I have used him many times to do work on my cue‘s and have been happy everytime. It is always hard to find someone who stands behind their work as much as Jack does. Mention Greg and he will take care of any repairs you may need. Jack can be reached at 978-455-4610 or